Yes, you can. TripMyWay supports offline usage. Turn on airplane mode and download your TripMyWay with a WiFi network.
All Smartphones devices in portrait mode with Android OS Jellybean onwards.
At this time, the app is available for Smart Phones running Android OS Jellybean or higher through the google play store. The App can be installed on the tablets, but the App is not optimized for large screens. We are currently working on an iOS version of the App. We will notify you soon.
We highly recommend that you use a WiFi connection to download an TripMyWay - you may not get a stable mobile network to download. The downloads should not take more than 2-3 minutes on a good wifi connection.
The App will resume the download as soon as it finds the connectivity.
Nothing! This is a unique experiment. Go ahead! Download and enjoy! We would love to hear your thoughts.
Once you have completed the TripMyWay you will be directed to a screen asking you to rate us.
Awesome! We love working with freelancers. Contact us using the details below and we will reach out to you !
All our content has been verified by historians and conservators working with us during the creative process.
Yes! If you find you are running out of space, you can delete any TripMyWay that you have already heard to make space for new ones. To delete individual TripMyWay , go to 'Downloads' and long press on the TripMyWay tile. To delete all tours together save time by going to My Account -> Manage Downloads -> Delete Tours.
Yes, ofcourse! We encourage people to experience places in their own way! We have designed our tours to allow you to explore the area on your own if you choose to do so. Once you download the TripMyWay , you have 2 options - you can either choose to follow the recommended path OR pick and choose the points of interest and make your own path as you go along. The map in the player is interactive! Just tap on the TripMyWay Logo to see details, and then tap again to listen to the story behind it. You can also use the playlist mode and tap on the point of interest you wish to hear just like any audio player playlist.
Click on the top right menu on the App (the one with three vertical dots). Select My Account and scroll down to the Logout option.
The menu on the top right slides out to give you a list of cities where you can enjoy more TripMyWay experiences!